"Waiting for import" > what triggers the timeout and flags as failed?

Sonarr version (exact version) :
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) : by linuxserver.io
OS : Docker

Description of issue :
In relation to Getting seedbox and local Sonarr working together

So we know that using the remote folder mapping function, its intended purpose was having Sonarr on a system other than the DL Client but within the same local network. This works fine for that use case, but in the remote DL client approach, where files need to be synced across the internet, the amount of time that takes causes problems.

While my internet is pretty fast, and file syncing completes in a reasonable amount of time, it’s not quite fast enough, and Sonarr gives up waiting. It then deletes that queue item(s) and flags it as failed just before I have the opportunity to move them to the monitored DIR.

The system automatically flags things as “manually marked as failed”. But I didn’t manually flag it.

So my question is, what is controlling the period of time that Sonarr waits for corresponding files to be available? Is there any way that we can edit that period or remove it altogether (optionally)? This would allow Sonarr to manage DLs and us to manually move those synced files over for Sonarr to continue processing the import. Yeah, it removes the automation part, but we are already making that exception as it currently stands but with that timeout.

Perhaps there’s a setting to disable the automatic handling of failed downloads?

As for automating a failed DL, that would have to be a manual process. Besides, how does Sonarr currently know if what it downloaded has failed? It knows if a seed is DLing or not and if it is completed. But it doesn’t know what’s in the DL. That would still need a manual flag.

Thanks again all for your work and ideas.

Sonarr doesn’t do this. Failed downloads either come from the download client reporting it as failed (and Sonarr automatically handling that, but logs a message from the client) or manually marking it as failed, which is when this particular message is stored and displayed.

That will happen if you remove the download from the queue (and tell Sonarr to blocklist it) or if marked as failed from history.

Just to provide an update in case anyone else new runs into this. I was running the Sonarr-Extended Docker image. That version includes a series of extra scripts that do things automatically. One of which cleans the import window every 15 minutes. But you can disable the extra scripts that you don’t want to run. Once I disabled that one, everything started working as expected.

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