Vice news tonight

I have been getting some vice news stuff (couple of videos). The source is shown as “viceland” and this has been changed, now, to “” I don’t know how to change this stuff nor am I sure its even possible.

Just thought I would mention it.

I don’t follow. What are you trying to change? Sonarr gets all series and episode information from TheTVDB.

thanks for the reply

Sonarr does get all series and episode information from TVDB The problem is that TVDB has this one wrong. It has at least 5 replies asking them to fix it. They have not. So, I thought I would find another place that might get it right. Can, IMDB do what TVDB does. I think there is a list of places (sources I think) on sonarr when its getting setup. Its been a while since I have messed with this stuff and my mind/memory isn’t great. I guess my solution is really to just take a deep breath and start messing with the setup.

Thanks again for the reply!

Simply put, sonarr only uses thetvdb as a source of series info.
In reality it goes thetvdb -> skyhook (sonarr proxy) -> your sonarr instance.
If applicable episode mappings or alternative names are pulled from as well.

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