Very little coming out of EasyNews

I’ve noticed this past week my calendar of shows is very orange!
Popular shows that usually download during the night after they air are still not there after a week.
I can confirm the shows aren’t there by doing a manual search for episodes in the EasyNews web search.

Does anyone know if there’s a backlog issue at EN, or are people not uploading any more?
Or possibly 'bots scrubbing?


I noticed the same with nbzfinder not seeing shows. I signed up for nzbgeeks trial and the shows started coming in again. What gives> -B

I just signed up for the NZBGeeks trial but it won’t even let me download an NZB.
And there’s no API unless you have a paid account.

Edit: I decided to just pay the $6 for a subscription, and everything is coming through now.
Worth a dollar a month to get away from the flaky free indexers I guess.

I didn’t pay yet, but I think it runs out today. And I was able to copy a paste an API out of that into Sonarr. I guess I better subscribe today as nbzfinder (which I pay for) was not finding the new trek 5 show last week. -Bill

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