V4 series languages - how?

Sonarr version (exact version): by linuxserver.io
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): .NET
Yes (6.0.13)
OS: docker
Debug logs:
Description of issue: how do languages work now

i have loads of series across multiple languages (like almost all of them) - i use subtitles

v3 languages were pretty simple, much like tags, you pick one and assign it to the series and youre done.

v4 i cant work out. it looks like we have to create a custom format for each language, then what? do we create multiple quality profiles of the exact same thing but with a different language in each one? because that seems like a lot of upkeep when i want to change one part of a quality profile (and now i have 30+ of them - i have three qualities, and then all languages)

could someone please explain the best way to handle languages because i havent been able to work it out yet (i only just upgraded so i might later but i presume someone will already know).

note - i cant handle dubs, the lip mismatch is way more offputting than having to read subtitles.

found the v4 trash guides so worked out that yes, you do need one profile per language but there is now at least an “original language” option that can be negated, and then set to a negative value in the profile so it rejects the file if the language isnt the original one.

its weird (language seems more like a series setting, not a generic one) but at least i can stick with my three quality profiles and not need more of them.

oh, the series database needs to be refreshed to pick up the series language - they all default to english until then so you might download the wrong ones until that happens.

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