V3- Search Monitored (click EP search works, click season/wanted, does not)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): win
OS: Win 2012r2
Debug logs: Deleted debug log, then clicked Season Search (big magnifer glass on a single season) - why is the S31E03 “1080p HEVC” “Release Accepted” not being sent over to qbittorrent?: https://pastebin.com/WugGMZSr

Description of issue:
(all elements are on the same PC, ie sonarr, jackett and qbittorrent)

Ive been having issues getting ALL prior episodes of a show to download. (the show in question does not matter, this happens to all shows)

many episodes will get sent to qBittorrent, but a majority that are being found (and are “Release Accepted” in debug), do not get sent to qBittorrent and there does not seem to be a valid reason (either in the gui nor in the debug logs)

A big part of why i think there is a sonarr issue is if i click the small “magnifer” glass next to an episode, it will work correctly (ie it gets sent to qbittorrent), but if i click the Larger “magnifer” glass (ie mag. glass next to a season or entire show), then only a few eps get sent over to qbittorrent. The same goes for the “Wanted” section, if i choose “Search ALL” some get sent over to qbit, but not all that should be. Now in the wanted section if i just choose a single page, select ALL on that page, and choose “Search Selected”, generally all that should be sent over ARE (but why when i click “Search ALL (wanted)” did it not send them over? ).

Is it not a recursive search for each episode of a season?

Screen shots and debug logs are below.

(Im using Jackett, and have not seen any issues with sonarr or jacket find the torrents- the only issue is that sonarr does not determine it should send many “valid/accepted” torrents over to qbittorrent).

The most confusing part: is that i have torn though the debug logs many times, but i never see a reason why they arent being sent to qbit. I just see “Release Accepted” and then that EP will never be mentioned again (even further down in the debug logs). I even ended up setting up sonarr debug logs to be copied/sent over to Splunk, so i can quickly search/parse the debug logs.

EPs being found (check marks should be sent to qbittorrent, right? in this case the 1080p one should be sent over)

If i click the mag. glass with the red X next to it, it will send a few eps over to qbittorrent but NOT all from this season. BUT if i click the small mag glass next to a single episode (with the red check) it will always send torrent over to qbittorrent (assuming ofcourse there is a valid, filtered, torrent sonarr likes).

Same goes for the “Wanted” section: Search All (allowed to run overnight night) does not send over all that it should, but “Search Selected” for 1 page’s worth of checkboxes, DOES

I have been using sonarr for over a week now and this has always been the case, so it does not seem to be a temporary issue.

any help would be appreciated, thanks! (very happy with sonarr too btw!)

Here is another example, i had clicked “Search Monitored” for the entire show, Adventure Time. The gui shows that “Adventure Time S07E21 A Kings Ransom 720p HDTV x264-W4F” should be sent to qbittorrent, the debug log shows that its “Release Accpeted” but it never gets sent to qbittorrent. And “release accpeted” is the entry for this torrent in the debug logs:

(note- several other Adventure Time episodes were sent over to qbittorernt in this specific “search monitored” run, but i dont understand why this particular episode, along with a few others, were not also sent over)

debug log:


Sonarr doesn’t send anything to the download client until after all the results are processed, but your logs cut off before then, if it was accepted then it should be sent, unless sending it failed for some reason.

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Thanks, that is what i needed to know/confirm.

So this time i deleted all .log files, then ran a single season scan on a episode that does not get sent to qbit when i think it should be- (all 4x torrents for “Jen and Paul s10e09” show as “release accepted” in debug logs, but related log entries stop there.).

here is everything in the debug logs (1 .zip file , or lmk how you would like me to post or grep out this, its ~1mb uncompressed ):

(or what i should be searching for. because what i see is in the logs is its scanning Season10 of this show, then 4x release accepcted, but then instread of giving a message about sending any of the 4x torrents to qbit, the debug log just moves on to a different, un-related show on my wanted list- so im not sure what i should be looking or search for next).


please see my post and info above, but i think the import takeway (bug?) here is that if you click the large “season” magnifier glass many episodes willl never get added to qbit torrent (even when tried different times of the day or after rebooting). However when clicking the small magnifier glasses, next to individual episodes, the torrents always get properly added to qbittorrent (unless there is a clear reason not to).

(the same issue also applies to other “high level” scans, such as an entire show “search monitored” , a few get added but not all, and not consistently.) The small magnifier always works as expected, but is more laborious than necessary.


I figured i would make a video as this may make the issue a bit more clear:

(when i click the “large magnifier glass” " “Search for Monitored episodes in this season” , it should be adding torrents to qbit torrent (but its not).

This wouldnt be a big deal except that the issue is very similar on the wanted page, when using the “search all” there. (very few end up getting sent to qbittorrent)

I do have the indexer that is finding these torrents properly setup (ie enable auto search, is enabled);

The season search starts around ‘20-6-15 11:49:43.4’ producing 50 releases.
I checked, none of those 50 include episode 9… ergo you’re indexer isn’t returning them.

search for DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release you’ll get 54 results, 50 for the season search, and 4 for the episode search. None of the 50 is for episode 9.

Query the url yourself that’s shown at the top. That’s what sonarr uses to query the indexer.
It’s either a problem in Jackett or in iptorrents.

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Thanks for letting me know what to search for in the debug logs (that helps), another helpful tip is to search your debug logs for the name you specified for your “Download Client(s)” in sonarr.

I think i get what your saying- in that “search for monitored episodes” (at the season level) does not “recursively” search for each missing episode.
(ie for example- if there are 10x missing episodes in season3, sonarr would send 10x unique queries, one at a time, to the indexer. As opposed to just sending one query for “season3”)

If i have that right, what still doesnt make sense is why in Wanted-> Search All (click) is sonarr not adding all torrents for all “Missing” episodes (that can be found). However if under Wanted i click the small mag glass next to an episode, it will add the torrent to qbit torrent (assuming that episode search finds results from the indexer).
Another way of say this, is Im assuming that Wanted-> Search All (click) is the same as going through every episode in teh wanted list and clicking the small magnifer glass next to (each missing episode). (ie 54x missing eps listed in wanted->missing, = 54x “episode name” queries to the indexer)

maybe im wrong about how sonarr works in terms of old missing eps? in that Wanted-> Search All (click) is not the same a “recursively” clicking the small magnifer glass next to each and every episode (in the wanted->missing list).

Do i have that right? (or if im not explaining clearly, lmk and i can unload another video of what im referring to in the “wanted” section)

Thanks for your time, and free work on sonarr.

Wanted Search All groups together wanted episodes and will do season searches when possible. That’s something you’d want coz otherwise it’d never pick up season packs that way.
It’s expected that the indexer returns the appropriate results.

ok thanks, ill mark you answer above as solution but just wanted to confirm one thing:

(assuming the indexer im using, jacket + ipt , which returns only 50x results per search submitted to it):

There is no way to do a missing episode by episode scan, correct? (except to manually click the magnifer glass next to each missing episode)

(example, if you have 75x missing episodes from different seasons, in wanted->missing, you would need to do 75x mouse clicks).

thanks for sticking with this thread!

assuming the indexer im using, jacket + ipt , which returns only 50x results per search submitted to i

In which case it’s Jackett’s job to pull in multiple pages from ipt. 50 releases are too few.

There is no way to do a missing episode by episode scan, correct?

Nope there isn’t.

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