Usenet Delay and Minimum Age

Trying to figure out which to use. Initially had minimum age set to 15 minutes and usenet delay to 0 but most times it would wait hours before actually downloading.

Tried then to set Usenet Delay to 15 minutes and minimum age back to 0 and it would download files less than that which may not have propagated properly yet

For propagation use, Usenet Delay, if 15 minutes isn’t enough, increase it.

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So what should it be set at as a minimum if 15 minutes isn’t enough and why was it grabbing nzb’s that were only 4 or 5 minutes old despite the 15 minute setting?

Only debug logs could say.

So I set it to 40 minutes and it just grabbed an nzb 3 minutes old. :confused:

Still can’t get it to delay no matter what method I use or even using both together :confused:

Maybe post some debug logs?

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