Upgrade comes out while current episode is downloading

I remember markus mentioning that this will be available in v3. Is this already implemented in the current v3 release?

Say a 720p is being downloaded and a 1080p (assuming my quality profile is set to download this) comes out while the current download is still ongoing. Will Sonarr v3 cancel and delete the 720p download and grab the 1080p one?

Huh? I said what about it? Sonarr won’t touch the previous release.

I have to find what you said about that but I swear that you said something along those lines. Why did you decide for Sonarr not to touch the lower quality releases? It would be a waste of time and bandwidth to still let the lower quality release finish downloading just to upgrade it afterwards.

What if the higher quality release fails?
What if it’s from a private tracker that has seeding rules?

If bandwidth is a concern you can use delay profiles to delay the initial grab.

Ok, that makes sense then. Thanks.

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