Upgrade but delete existing release file at specified time


I would like to request a feature that would solve a user experience issue I have discovered.

Often a file, depending on quality profile is replaced 2 or 3 times until it reaches the desired quality.

If a file is being actively watched, but during this time a newer quality file becomes available, this file is replaced immediately. This results in the actively watched file ending, and if for example you are using Kodi, you will need to do a library refresh and clean to rediscovered the new file. And of course… This could be repeated again!

I would like to request a feature, something like a “Smart Upgrade” where the existing quality profile file is left in place, the new file is installed, and at a predetermined time set by the user, the lower quality file or files are removed.

The natural flow of TV releases tend to follow this path: HDTV, WEBRIP, WEB-DL. Sometimes WEB-DL’s are available fairly quickly but in some cases they come out several hours later.

I believe this feature would help minimise user interruptions when playing back these files, whilst Sonarr continues to work away in the backround without potentially interrupting the user.

Thanks for listening!

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