Update based on Release Profiles?

Sonarr version:

Hi Guys,

Is there now an option to enable upgrades of files with the same quality based on scoring in release profiles?


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Yes, that functionality has existed for months in v3.

Can you let me know where please, I cannot seem to find it?

It’s how preferred words work, if you’re using them there is nothing else to do.


Something must be wrong in that case. I have a score of +15 and get the message with something that should be downloading “Existing file on disk is of equal or higher preference: WEBDL-720p v1 - English”.

Edit: I may have found the issue, the particular examples I’m using don’t have source within their name so its priority is lower because its default is HDTV. So the logic goes, quality and score, not quality or score.

Correct, quality wins every time. You can group qualities to eliminate that variable.