Unread post highlighting

This is about forums.nzbdrone when it had the old design new messages were
in a highlighted color till I looked at them and at that moment the highlight
was taken away showing me that I read it, but now I have to search to find the messages
that I did not look at, I see some have a blue new text when it is new but answers
to old messages do not show there is another reply to the message. Is there something
that can be done to indicate a message has a new reply? Thank you

It’s in your preferences under ‘Other’ -> ‘Consider topics new when’.

also the Categories section where you can specify which tags you want to follow/watch.

There is also: ‘Automatically track topics you enter’ - if you view a topic, but don’t track it, the forums won’t show you new replies to that thread, the default is 4 minutes I think. You can change the tracked status of a thread manually as well.