Unmonitored Episodes in Missing List

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker
Description of issue: Episodes that are Monitored, are showing up in Missing, even if they were donwnloaded already, but I have moved them to my personal NAS.

<!--- Additional Information: This might be a question from a newbie, rather than an issue, but here it goes. I have few shows where Sonarr has already downloaded the episode and has cleared the Monitored flag (I can see the are unmonitored), yet they are showing up in the Missing list. For 2 shows, I have not watched the episodes yet, they are still on my seedbox where Sonarr is installed and monitors the show folders, for the other 2 shows I have deleted/moved the episodes to my personal NAS to watch and store for future (not on the seedbox I have Sonarr). I tried to run all tasks just in case any updates have not been performed, even deleted one show and added back (I configured the show as Future Episodes only) and they past 1 episode that Sonarr already downloaded but I have deleted, is once again showing up in Missing List. If the episodes for all these shows have already been downloaded, even if for some they have been deleted from where Sonarr is configured to monitor the specific folder for these shows or for other shows the episodes are still there, why are they showing up in Missing List? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. P.S. Found similar posts for this issue, but did not see any solution or recommendations to answer my question.

Wanted: Missing has an option to show unmonitored episodes instead of monitored episodes, have you selected that?

Thanks. Saw it after I posted this. Seems it defaults to Monitored, I switched to Unmonitored.

Question if you know. Why would Sonarr have a list of episodes in Wanted if they are Unmonitored? I mean if I don’t want to download them, why list them as Wanted.

It just provides a way to see them, they won’t be grabbed automatically, but you could grab them manually if you wanted.

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