Unmonitor on delete


when clicking on ‘manage season episode files’ and then selecting some episodes to delete it would be useful to have a tickbox at the bottom of the page to automatically unmonitor these episodes when deleted. I am aware that there is the setting under media management to ‘ignore deleted episodes’ but this is a broader brush than i would like. having the option to select to unmonitor the episodes at the point that they are being deleted is what I would love to see. hope this makes sense.

I agree.

I recently deleted a load of watched Jeopardy episodes and had to manually set each one to un-monitored.

my issue is similar. the other half watches soaps and i delete them when she is done. i have to manually mark as unmonitored when deleting. Other times i may delete a version of an episode to allow a better/working copy to download. in this instance i don’t want to unmonitor them.