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when clicking on ‘manage season episode files’ and then selecting some episodes to delete it would be useful to have a tickbox at the bottom of the page to automatically unmonitor these episodes when deleted. I am aware that there is the setting under media management to ‘ignore deleted episodes’ but this is a broader brush than i would like. having the option to select to unmonitor the episodes at the point that they are being deleted is what I would love to see. hope this makes sense.

I agree.

I recently deleted a load of watched Jeopardy episodes and had to manually set each one to un-monitored.

my issue is similar. the other half watches soaps and i delete them when she is done. i have to manually mark as unmonitored when deleting. Other times i may delete a version of an episode to allow a better/working copy to download. in this instance i don’t want to unmonitor them.

Also finding that when upgrading files with ‘unmonitor on delete’ turned on, that episodes that are upgraded are being unmonitored, thus preventing further upgrades. I would rather it be a choice of unmonitoring when deleting than either it happening automatically and having to be manually monitored again, or having to manually unmonitor each episode.

Why don’t you search for and accept a better quality download in sonarr? Sonarr will take care of deleting the lower quality file when it imports the better one…

that’s exactly what it does, but the fact that it unmonitors the episode means that in the future if a better quality version is available it won’t download it.

Did you find a fix for this? I have Tags set up that used to work but now, when it downloads a lower quality file, it automatically unmonitors it so it’ll never find the upgrade like that - kind of defeats the purpose.

I’ve also just noticed that on another show, it worked. How? Haha.

I’ve tried unmonitoring the whole season then re-monitoring it. I’ve tried it with the show itself, no fix. I tried it with single episodes (unmonitor/remonitor…then wait) so, I’m stumped.

So far i have just turned on unmonitor on delete and then i manually have to re-monitor the episodes i want to keep.

It should not be unmonitoring a file when an upgrade occurs.

Please use our support methods and not a feature request.

Perhaps you have something else deleting the file - sonarr no longer seeing that file during a refresh - and sonarr unmonitoring the file one stern the grab and import

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