Unmonitor a series without affecting current season

I made notes to unmonitor several series when their current season ends, however, if I didn’t want to wait for the season to end, is it possible to unmonitor a series without affecting the current season?

I have tried unmonitoring a series while the current season is set to be monitored but unfortunately it will not monitor the current season’s remaining episodes as it removed the current missing episode from the wanted list when I set the series to “unmonitored”; it seems that I may have to wait till the end of each season to unmonitor them. It appears that the global monitor settings over-ride all other monitored settings.

No this is not possible

Monitoring is a hierarchy. The series must be monitored and the season and the episode.

Yeah, I though so but was hoping for a workaround, I will have to wait till each season ends and unmonitor them at that time.

Why are you unmonitoring them in the first place?

If you have your quality and language profiles configured properly then there’s no point

The only catch is preferred words in release profiles would always be an upgrade

Because I no longer want to continue downloading them after the current season ends.

Sounds like you either don’t have your quality profile configured how you want it to be so upgrades don’t occur then.

Or you have preferred words and need to wait for a preferred word cutoff to be add until you can not unmonitor them

No, it has nothing to do with upgrades, or profile, or cutoff, or quality, or tags, etc.

I simply want to discontinue downloading some of the series after their “current” season ends regardless if the the series is continuing or not after the current season ends.

I don’t think you understand how sonarr works then.

Nothing will be downloaded if it’s already met the cutoff and there’s no preferred word score upgrade - even if it’s monitored

I don’t think you are understanding me.

I have been using sonarr for a while to monitor and download hundreds of series without any issues; however, I have decided that I want to cancel/discontinue downloading some series after their “current” season has ended just as have already done for more than one-hundred other series that have ended their latest season and are still “continuing” but I no longer wanted so I set sonarr to unmonitor them; its that simple. Nothing to do with cutoff, profile, quality, etc.

OMFG both of you. The OP wants to keep motorizing and downloading the remaining episodes for the current season of a show, but unmonitor the show so it doesn’t download any episodes for future seasons. OP not possible, and to be honest doesn’t make any sense when you can simply unmonitor the show after the last episode for the current season is done.

Yes I know which is what I clearly and specifically noted in my first post and in my first reply.

I was originally hoping to find a way around not having to wait since I have 29 series to “unmonitor” after each season has ended, and although I have them all noted and listed, I was hoping that when the current season is left “monitored” and then I would “unmonitor” the entire series that it would continue to monitor just the remaining episodes for the current season, however, as I stated in my original post that I noticed it would not work since sonarr removed a current episode from the “wanted” list after I set the entire series to “unmonitor”.

I’m not sure why after his first simple response he continued on about profiles, cutoff, quality, and so on. A simple answer to a simple question.

Pretty sure bakerboy448 got it just fine and pretended he didn’t. That said you know what shows you want to unmonitor and can do so after their current season is over. Seems backwards to me to want to unmonitor the show but keep monitoring the shows current season.

It’s simple; I want to “finish out” the season so it is “complete” since they are already half-way there, but then I don’t want them anymore after their current season ends even if the show “continues”.
It is not complicated, mysterious, confounded, or perplexing.

What is surprising to me is the amount of people in this day and age who read a post and they skim through some words while skipping others, or they read the entire post but immediately forget or pretend to forget what they just read.

The later half of you post is a flat out lie, but you already know that since you’re the one that posted it. I’ll be blunt what you’re asking for is stupid.

Based on your responses to others on this forum from you and that other one, I stand corrected as your replies is a testament to that “fact” with childish, non-intelligent, and unprofessional words like “lie”, “stupid”, and “OMFG”.

If you had actually read my original post, you would have found no reason to hijack this thread, and if the other one had actually not been so pretentious, if that is what he was actually doing as you suggested, then he would have ended it after his first response to my original post which was sufficient.

Nothing wrong with my post, but you are aware of that fact and continue to lie. As for hijacking the thread you sand I both know that is not the case. I clarified what you were asking for, which you clearly stated was correct. The only one playing games and acting like a child in this thread is you and you alone.

Yes, you certainly hijacked this thread and you obviously continue to do so; that is, unless you and bakerboy448 are the actual same person using two different accounts; nevertheless, no one asked for your opinion or to insert yourself into this thread to play some kind of intermediate or devil’s advocate.

You have not clarified anything except to reiterate the already clear meaning of my original post and subsequent replies to the other one who is either playing pretending games or was actually too incompetent to understand my original post and was incapable of admitting either; so coincidentally, you (Locutus) decides to insert yourself and hijack this thread to speak on behalf of bakerboy’s true intention or motive.

Your continuous use of the word “lie” is something that bakerboy448 has used frequently on other threads and responses in this forum which makes it a little suspicious that both of you are the same person. Either way and regardless, learn to mind your own business unless you have something constructive and productive to contribute other than “doesn’t make any sense”, “OMFG” and “stupid”.

Gee you are truly delusional. Suggestion take your delusional ass and take a fucking fuck in to a wood chipper.

Ignoring all the nonsense about whether the OP wants what the OP wants and whether it’s a stupid thing to want (for the record, I don’t think it is), I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest a possible solution. It’s a bit of a kludge and I haven’t tried it so I can’t guarantee it would work, but how about setting up a release profile with the current season as a “Must contain” term, e.g., if the current season is season 5 use “Must contain: S05”. Add a tag and tag the series accordingly. Might be worth a try. The drawback is future seasons would still be monitored and hence still appear in the Wanted list, but Sonarr wouldn’t automatically download them (and their appearance in the Wanted list would act as a reminder to unmonitor the series).


Not entirely true, the series and the season must be monitored, the season is more-so a helper, which tells Sonarr if there are more episodes for this season added they should be monitored/unmonitored based on the season’s state.

Wow, this thread derailed into a shit show, olliebean is the only one keeping things sane here. If you guys can’t be civil don’t bother responding, @Locutus @BarryAllen @bakerboy448.

There isn’t really a way to achieve what you’re looking for here Barry, Sonarr doesn’t have a way to unmonitor future seasons, your best bet is to unmonitor the series when the current season ends, with the caveat that existing files won’t upgrade if you still want that.

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