Unknown Series QI

Windows Server 2022

The BBC TV show QI (Stands for Quite Interesting) does not allow for download as the files found are shown as an Unknown Series.
Not sure why or how to fix this…

Show details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006ml0g
Log file here: sonarr.trace.txt for Unknown QI series · GitHub
(Removed .js to make it readable)

A lot of UK (and other countries) shows aren’t being updated on TVDB I know shows with over 50 episodes waiting to be added. It’s one of the reasons requests to add TMDB as a metadata source is so common.

It’s up to date - https://thetvdb.com/series/qi/seasons/official/21

Remove .js from the log link to make it actually readable.

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It was finally updated about 2 hours ago I have to wonder if TVDB has had an exodus of contributors.

It all certainly looks like it is all up to date on TVDB.
However, the issue still occurs.

I don’t understand the process here and why it would find them yet make them as unknown.
Can someone please explain it to me?

You’re two major versions behind (years behind in fixes and improvements), you need to upgrade to v4.

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That’ll do it!
Not sure how the auto update missed all the versions.
Updated and fixed.

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