Unable to parse file on import abc.xyz.mkv

Sonarr version:
SABnzbd: 2.3.9
UnRAID: 6.8.3

I don’t know if this is a Sonarr or SABnzbd problem, but sometimes I get this error:

Unable to parse file on import: [/downloads/completed/Series/Billions.S05E04.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON-xpost/abc.xyz.mkv

After Sonarr has finished processing the series, there is a folder left in the ‘completed’ with a file abc.xyz.mkv


I have uploaded ‘sonarr.debug.3.txt’ to Google Drive.

After Sonarr processed “Defending Jacob S01E08” it left the folder in the ‘completed’.
In the folder is a file ‘abc.xyz.mkv’

In ‘Sonarr > System > Events’ I can see this message:

Unable to parse file on import: [/downloads/completed/Series/Defending.Jacob.S01E08.2160p.WEB.H265-GHOSTS-xpost/abc.xyz.mkv]

it appears to be a 59 second video file, so its probably a sample (as per the logs)

20-5-29 07:27:57.7|Debug|DetectSample|[/downloads/completed/Series/Defending.Jacob.S01E08.2160p.WEB.H265-GHOSTS-xpost/abc.xyz.mkv] appears to be a sample. Runtime: 00:00:59.6450000 seconds. Expected at least: 600 seconds
20-5-29 07:27:57.7|Debug|ImportDecisionMaker|File rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Sample

alternatively its some video file that posting group includes in all their downloads. if its still there can you play it?

typically if theres weird stuff in the download job then the activity log entry will remain orange and you need to do something with it - ie, accept the file its having an issue with, or kill the job manually to clean up (the X on the end of the activity entry will do that for you)

btw, sab has an option under config > switches > post processing, that might be useful

Thank you for your reply

I can see the Ignore Samples is ticked in SABnzbd.

Do you think it is a SAB problem, so I can create a SAB ticket and ask for help?

Probably a crappy release, I don’t see what sab/sonarr can do if the nzb only contains a sample. Sab only downloads what you tell it to (or sonarr, in this case).
Blacklist it in sonarr and it will try to find another release.

@Thirrian the normal file is in there and it appears to have been imported, but theres also a sample, so not really needed to blacklist.

OP has had it happen to at least two of their downloads so some release group must be putting an abc.xyz.mkv sample file in every release.

not much you can do about it really

to be honest im not sure if sonarr is even having an issue with the sample. i would have expected it to not care in the slightest so long as the primary file was in there as well. the import should have succeeded and closed the job?

@cphmichael does sonarr still show those jobs in the activity queue, or are they gone from there?

Sonarr processed the Defending.Jacob.S01E08 and the job is no longer in the activity queue.

In ‘Sonarr > System > Events’ I saw the message:

DownloadedEpisodesImportService: Unable to parse file on import

Therefore I looked in the ‘completed’ and saw the folder with the abc.zyx.mkv in it.

I can manually delete the leftover folder, but if there is some automatic function that could do the job, it would be more convenient :slight_smile:

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