Unable to get german Metadata

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I started with Sonarr today and i don’t know how to get German Series Information.
In “Settings -> Profiles” i have only one “Language Profile” named “German” with the selected Checkbox “German” on Top. Nothing else.
But i’m not able to get german Information. For example: I try to get the Information for the Series “Vorstadtweiber” (in englisch = Suburbia - Women on the Edge). Everything (Metadate and Renaming, …,) is in english. Is there another thing to do, that i can get german Info?

Thank you for your answer and excuse maybe the stupid question.

Many Thanks to markus101 from Sonarr Team

Sonarr only gets English Metadata

and fryfrog

Radarr is starting to get more advanced language support, it can do things like file names in your language. But Sonarr do not.