Unable to connect to SAB, please check your settings

Sonarr version (
Mono version (I dont know its a docker container):
OS: UNraid Linux Server IO docker container
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

I have been using Sonarr for a long time and it has always worked. Recently (in not sure a few weeks I think?) Sonarr has been unable to contact SAB.
I have not changed any of the configuration settings in Sonarr or SAB, I have hower checked they are still correct which they are.
I also run Radarr and this can connect to SAB no problem with the exact same settings.

My logs can be found here

It seems I have a similar issue to this user

Did you set your URL base with your API Key?

Hi markus, I’m not sure what you mean by URL base.
In the downloader setting I have the current API key from SAB.
This API key is also used by Radarr which has no problems.


The URL base in Sonarr’s SAB settings.

It only needs to be set if you’re using a reverse proxy in front of SAB, the default is empty.

Hi markus

My settings screen does not have a URL Base option.

I did, however, get it to work I deleted the old SAB connection and made a new one with the same details.
Not sure why this worked but it did :slight_smile:

For future reference, or others with this issue: that is an advanced setting, so you first have to toggle the advanced options and then go into the download clients’ settings to see it :grin:

You can recognize those because they have a different color from the normal options.

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