Unable to add perry mason 2020

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So everything is working fine with version 3.0.5 except one tv series. I have the original perry mason tvdb 70589 from the 1950s tv/perry mason no problems there… now there is a new Perry mason that came out last year tvdb 363026 perry mason 2020 which i directed to directory perry mason 2020 but i get this error:
Title slug ‘perry-mason’ is in use by series 'Perry Mason

I have made sure that it is pointing to the 2020 directory but i am not able to add it sonarr because of this error.
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same issue for me. directory names are different. can’t find a way as a user to get this show added. Gone through some nightly updates with issue ongoing.

Docker on Ubuntu
Version: nightly-d473206 by [hotio]

Not a sonarr issue, garbage (metadata) in, garbage out.
This needs to be fixed on thetvdb.com as far as I know. If there are remakes of series with the exact same name, the year is supposed to be added to the new series.
E.g. “Battlestar Galactica” is the original '78 series and “Battlestar Galactica (2003)” is the remake.

I’ve updated this on TVDB; please allow up to 48 hours for the change to propagate.

Also to OP 3.0.5 is out of date; upgrade.

Solved my own issue.

In my frustration to get this show added, I had it mistakenly as a root folder in Sonarr.

I renamed ‘Perry Mason’ folder to ‘Perry Mason (1957)’, and then could add ‘Perry Mason 2020’.

I recommend the same to anyone who runs into this issue.

thank you for this!