Two copies of file generated after download issue

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As of right now, when I use sonarr with my seedbox, when a file is done downloading, Sonarr will place a TV show in /files/Sonarr/SHOWNAME. This is the path set for each show.

The issue comes in (on deluge), that I have completed files set to be moved to a different “completed files” folder.

What ends up happening is, two copies of the show are created. One to the “completed files” folder on my seedbox, where deluge continues to seed from, and another to my “Sonarr” folder.

Is there a way around this, so that deluge just seeds off of the file in the /Sonarr/ directory, and doesn’t make a second copy in the “completed files” folder?

No. If the seeded file is an iso or rar, etc it cant be used in plex/kodi/etc. You also can not rename the seed to be organized.

You can seed from the same dir but any ico/rar/zip files would need to be extracted to the same path (will also create duplicated data just not as much) and you cant keep seasons/episodes together that are downloaded individually

This could lead to an issue if the seed is removed, so is your data from Sonarr. I personally have a S drive for seeding and have scripts that keep it cleaned up (deleting after certain amount of time, etc) so i never have to worry about my library losing data because i shared the seed with plex.

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