TV Show Dates Wrong

I am not sure if this is due to whatever area the calendar/air dates are pulled for shows, but there are a number of shows that show the “air date” many weeks ahead then when it actually airs. For example, “His Dark Materials” Ep 7&8 are airing tonight (12/26/22), yet the dates in Sonarr Calendar (and even plex, so might be the source both these items pull dates from) show ep7 airs 1/29/23 and ep8 airs 2/5/23. This is happening on many shows, even though my time zone, location, etc. are all set properly.

Am I missing something in a setting? Since Plex and Sonarr both show this info incorrect like this, I’m assuming its the place where the metadate is pulled from. Anyone have any ideas?

Sonarr (Plex et al.) uses TVDB.
TVDB uses original network details, including air dates.

In the example you provided, original network is BBC One and their air dates are as listed. US airings are earlier, but are not used or referenced.

That makes sense. I notice all bbc shows we watch it always shows the bbc (and other uk channels), like Dr who, Sherlock, black mirror(before Netflix picked up), and others I can’t think of right now(wife and I loveots of uk TV shows), air dates and not the US. Didn’t realize that we had shows going over that did that aired first in US… It would be nice if they all took the dates from local of the server and not default to uk/bbc dates only. :pensive: