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Is there a way to download a specific release name for a tv series? For example “The.100.S06.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+5.1.H.264-CasStudio”, I want all the episode in this season to be from CasStudio. Sonarr downloads the first release that appears on a tracker and then I have to manually replace it when the desire file when it becomes available.


Thanks for your reply! I’m using Sonarr 3 and I can’t find restrictions anywhere. Am I missing something?

Restrictions are now part of Release Profiles (Settings > Profiles > Release Profiles), together with preferred words :slight_smile:
It’s not really called restrictions anymore (that might have been the name in v2, I don’t quite recall). It’s basically the two fields “must contain” and “must not contain”.

Got it. Thanks so much! Just to be clear, I add a tag to each tv series and after i create release profile with the one I want and add the tv series to it. Is that correct?

If you want the same restrictions to apply to multiple series, it’s way easier to apply the same tag to those multiple series.

Quick example…

Release Profile:

  • must contain: casstudio
  • tags: cas

Then apply the tag “cas” to however many series you want.

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Thanks again! I got it now. Have a nice day!

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