Trying to understand color coding for shows missing files


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OS: Windows Server 2016
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Description of issue: Trying to understand color coding. I am trying to figure out if this is an issue or actually the way it works and i can not find anything that describes this behavor. I am a noob with Sonarr, only a couple days old. I have a several show in the series list, i’ll use Airwolf as an example. I only have two episodes in the folder that it is scanning. When looking through the series is shows 2/2 and then either goes green or blue depending if i turn monitoring on or off. What/Is there a setting that it will show me the real info 2/80 and then color it red? Am i missing something. Like i said i have several shows that are missing files but they all show equal numbers on both side and blue or green. Even though i know i am missing them. If you go into the series they even show the triangle saying missing from disk. What step did i miss?


it sounds like the other episodes (the ones missing from disk) are probably unmonitored

it can also happen when only 2 eps have been aired and there are 78 more to be aired, its still 2/2, not 2/80 (ie, only aired eps are counted)

the missing from disk flag is most likely because you did download them at one stage (or manually put them there), then deleted them from the disk - you also have sonarr setup to automatically unmonitor deleted eps (so it doesnt try to download them again), and once unmonitored it no longer counts towards the total

i’ve always thought the x/y display was weird due to missing episodes not being counted once its unmonitored (be that season or individual eps) as a season has a fixed number of eps that should be downloaded, it shouldnt matter if you monitor/unmonitor them, the amount should always be the same.

the unaired eps not counting makes a sort of sense but it screws up the season pass page display as you have no idea if there are other eps still to be aired for the latest season, or if it has ended


I guess i was assuming wrong that if it is a show that has already aired content and it is missing that it would show a red banner and let you know you have X of Y episodes. At the bottom of the Series page is a red banner saying “Missing Episodes (Series Monitored)”. I have the series being monitored and there are missing shows. Take Arrow for example. I only have 5 episodes on the new drive right now, but instead of showing 5/167 (Red). Its showing 5/5 (Blue). I thought at one point i had it showing red. but cant figure out how to get back to that? Is this a thing or am i totally off base?


Ok. i think i found it. Its not the behavior i would expect but here is what i got:
If i go into each series and then toggle the season monitor off then back on it goes red. Having to do this when you have a lot of shows could be a long time. Is this how its supposed to work or a “bug”?


Ok final update. I found that if i go into Season Pass, Select All, change to unmonitor, save, then select all again and choose monitor and then all episodes and apply that it allows me to set all shows at once so not to bad. I am not sure where to set these options when i first import a new show though.


When adding a show to Sonarr,
You’ve several options to choose from
First Season
Last Season

I believe when you start of fresh and importing as safety it’s set to none could be Future not sure anymore,
So it doesn’t do things you don’t want.
Costing all your API Hits


That would make sense. In my case i have a couple hundred shows so that is good to know. Thanks


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