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I am trying to get my Sonarr to send my download information to my torrent software on my VM, is there a way to connect the torrent software on my VM to my sonarr on my main computer?


Just pretend it is two computers. In Sonarr, you’ll put the hostname or IP of the other computer. You’ll need to make those downloaded files available to the computer that Sonarr is on, you can do that how ever you like (nfs, smb, sshfs, ???). If they’re in a different place on the Sonarr computer, you use a remote path map to “fix” it. You’ll put the hostname/ip you used in the download client settings so it knows what to apply it to, the “wrong” path in one field and the “right” path in the other.



Okay so I have put my IP of my VM in my download clients Host and I set up a remote path with my VM’s IP and the addresses for the Shared folder. The issue now is that my downloads are going over to my VM but when they complete, sonarr is not noticing that they are complete and its stuck at 100% downloading in sonarr. it doesnt find and move them anymore so my plex can find them.


The two fields are paths, not addresses.

So one might have say /home/user/torrents and the other might have /mnt/torrents where you’ve mounted the first one at the second one via nfs, smb, sshfs or what ever else you want.

If you’re using Windows, you can use a UNC path like \\server\share\path, but that’ll only work on Windows. In Linux (or MacOS I guess), you’d need to mount it via SMB somewhere and point at that.


Here are my two settings to connect my PC to my VM


What do your logs/events say? Sonarr checks the downloads folder every minute. if there is a problem, the logs will tell you…though you may have to turn debug on, if the problem isn’t readily apparent.


The remote path isn’t correct,
To which path does your download client downloads to ?
I’ve made a little tutorial with screenshots about remote path mapping.
This one is for radarr.
But should work for sonarr.
Just didn’t find the time yet.

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