Trouble addressing root folder error

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian 11
Debug logs: Nothing related to the root folder
Description of issue:

I am receiving the following error:

Download client places downloads in the root folder /media/source-tv. You should not download to a root folder.

Sabnzbd is set to download to use the following folders:
Default Base Folder: /home/username
Temporary Download Folder: Downloads/Incomplete
Completed Download Folder: Downloads/Completed

Sonarr has the following root folder setup:

Both Sonarr and Sabnzbd are on the same server. Both are installed (ie. neither are running in containers).

I have done a bunch of digging but can’t seem to reconcile the issue with my setup. As far as I can see, my setup should not cause this error since the download locations for sabnzbd is not within or does not equal the sonarr root folder. I read something about remote path mappings. And while I didn’t see how this was necessary, I set one up anyway. This is as follows:
Host: [serverip]
Remote Path: /home/username/Downloads
Local Path: /home/username/Downloads

Am I missing a specific configuration setting?

What about the folder for the category Sonarr is using in SAB? That has it’s own separate path.

There is a TV category that is going to the sonarr path (/mnt/source-tv). If that’s it, great catch! Does that not need to be set in order for sonarr to move the files there when it finishes?

That is it. No it doesn’t need to be set, Sonarr just needs access to the location where SAB is putting the files and it will import them.

You were right. Thanks for the help!

While this fixed the error in sonarr, it seemed to break the integration between sonarr and sabnzbd. After removing this, downloading a new episode no longer showed a progress icon for that episode nor did it ever populate. Re-entering this setting and downloading a new episode works once again.

I guess if that’s not how it’s supposed to be setup, I’ll have to look into the proper way to get sabnzbd and sonarr working together…either that or just try to ignore that error. If there are any thoughts on what I might be missing in my sabnzbd/sonarr settings, please let me know.

2nd Update:
This ended up being due to me also having specified a category in the download client in sonarr. Removing that category specification along the the category settings in sabnzbd not only got rid of the error but also got them working together again.