Torrent Proxy Lists

Any good idea for torrent proxy lists, most of them are full of spam. I am using ATM, but i would like to have some more. As you guys are connected with the topic, i would love to get your advise.
I prever a proxy list which is updated automaticly, to avoid old proxy lists with dead links.

Thanks for you suggestions :slight_smile:

No need to get a proxy or to download torrents since proxies are the weakest when it comes to online security. Torrenting is illegal in many countries and using a proxy can make you vulnerable. Instead, I would recommend you to Buy VPN subscription and pay a little fees rather than getting caught or snooped. Choice is yours dear.

Or do the sane thing and pay for usenet and an indexer or two so you can choke your internet connection 24/7 over a secure connection, without uploading (e.g. sharing) a single byte which is what is actually illegal in my country :wink:

Yes, VPN is better and secure option than proxy. Proxies are always vulnerable and can be easily traced. Especially on the case of downloading torrents than it is always advisable to go with the safer options. But even in the case of VPN, only select the one which provide optimized servers for torrenting. There are few vpn services who are providing such optimized vpn servers for downloading torrents not all vpns are safe or considered a good option.