Torrent Completed Download Handling and RSS Sync

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OS: Ubuntu 19.04

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I have Competed Download Handling turned OFF because I run some post processing scripts outside of Sonarr after my download is completed. The script can take a long time to run (upwards of an hour sometimes).

Question: If while my processing script is running, another RSS Sync happens, is the file re-downloaded because it hasn’t been imported into sonarr yet?

Not the same release/the same quality release, there is a grace period (12 hours IIRC), a higher quality release could be grabbed though.

Perfect. That grace period is exactly what I was looking for. And is there a way to tell Sonarr that a download failed via the API?

Disabling Completed Download Handling removes completed downloads from the queue as soon as they’re finished though, so probably not going to be useful unless they’ve stalled/never finished.

@markus101 that means that if post processing discovers a bad download, there’s no way to tell sonarr that the download was bad (blacklist). Is this a worthwhile feature request?

You can use history to do that (from the grab event), you can see how the UI does it in dev tools.

POST to api/v3/history/failed with the body containing { id: ID_OF_GRAB_EVENT }, remove /v3 for v2.

I’m curious in what cases post processing would find a bad download, are referring to downloads that contain no video file and an exe or some other virus riddled file? Probably better to get an indexer that doesn’t do that if that’s the case.

It’s mostly in the conversion process. For example, videos with TrueHD audio usually have a secondary audio stream that I want to use in my conversion process. However, I’ve seen a few videos that don’t have this secondary stream and in this case I want to consider that download failed. I know I can ignore TrueHD altogether in sonarr but that limits the releases and I’d rather not do that.

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