Torrent as last resort

I recently set up Deluge and configured it in Sonarr & it seems like it’s grabbing quite a bit through torrent instead of usenet.

Is there a way to have Sonarr search for a torrent only after searching all usenet indexers? Or does it already do this by default?

It searches all indexers and grabs the best quality release available. By default usenet releases are preferred, but you can change that with a delay profile. If torrents are grabbing before usenet has releases you can also use a delay profile to delay the grabbing and Sonarr will grab it when the release is x time old.

Thanks for the info. I’m guessing these shows just had better torrent options available.

I’ll try a delay profile if it doesn’t seem to sort itself out. I just wasn’t sure if it did usenet preferred or if I was missing something.