TMDB as Metadata Source

Add it in thetvdb, and you can add it in sonarr.

And as we ALL know when TheTVDB finishes their new engine members will have to pay to add content. I for one will not be paying them for work I do.

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I would like to second this request as a opposition to use TMDB
I use TMDB on both my Kodi installs so it would nice for Sonar to match up i only use Sonar i my Nas drive Kodi only runs when i use other Pc,s
I only use TVDB in Kodi for some shows that i cant find on TMDB or i need the DVD order but theses are far and few between
I have been using Sonar for 3 plus years love it but hate it as well because i can only use TVDB
Regards Fred.Flinstone

You are not even close to being the second one to want this. Try half their user base.

We could definitely do with the option as TVDb is awful and often plain wrong. The problem is correcting the mistakes others make on TVDb


Plex → Data from TMDB
Jellyfin → Data from TMDB
Trakt → Data from TMDB

Want to know why my media is messed up?
I have had no problems with sonarr using tvdb because the episodes more or less matched with tmdb and I could manually correct the ones which weren’t. But the new Doctor Who series pushed me over the edge. It’s a different series officially, and TMDB has it as a different series too. TVDB doesn’t, they have the episodes in the 2005 series. The media players will never recognize the episodes since they are not part of the old Doctor Who series.
TVDB’s forums have ceased to exist, and they never reply to the support tickets.

This is just the start. Good luck everyone!

Let’s be honest here TVDB is a pile of shit and is only going to get worse. As for Doctor Who it will be season 14 not a new series. You are confused cause season and series just like show and series mean the same thing. So in other words series 14 of the Doctor Who 2005 series is aka season 14 of the Doctor Who 2005 show.

We are going off-topic but maybe I believe the broadcaster more than IMDB when they it’s a different show altogether.

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you do realize the bottom one are the specials and nothing more, right?

Just gonna leave this here. Read the title of the video.
If you still choose not to believe it. It will all be clear once it starts airing.

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Still doesn’t prove a damn thing.

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This interview with the showrunner Russell T. Davies indicates that the new series is a reboot and they are resetting the numbering back to series 1 like they did when it returned in 2005.

Having said that it has always been the stated policy of the TVDB to align with IMDB since the site started several years ago. I don’t mind this policy as pretty much everything aligns with it and something needs to be considered as a baseline. It is safe to assume IMDB will be updated to reflect this reboot at some point and the TVDB will follow suit. Just need to be patient.


I like how you all keep beating the dead horse of alternate metadata sources like it’s as simple as changing the link from which sonarr pulls its information…

See my above post.

I am using Trakt list import, and since Trakt is using TMDB for metadata bad things happen.
The show will still be imported if found on TVDB, but then it makes Trakt link that is actually Trakt search of TVDBID on Trakt and if there is no TVDBID you get dead Trakt link for the show you imported from Trakt (lol).
The only solution so far is to edit TMDB database to have TVDB ID in its data.
So i pull list from Trakt, Sonar finds it on TVDB, then links it to Trakt that is dependent on TMDB database having TVDBID.

I have 186 shows in all in Sonarr and Trakt and TMDB has never missed one while TVDB has missed at least 15%.

Bigger the library, bigger the problem.

And that means what? Nothing?

Going to have to disagree with this. TMDB is wrong quite often as well, very wrong. In fact, TVDB and TMDB are very much in sync with each other. The TVDB doesn’t align with IMDB, nor does TMDB. The only one that does is OMDB. This option would be GREATLY preferred over TMDB or TVDB. Or perhaps even IMDB directly.

Want a prime example? Highlander: The Series. OMDB and IMDB both have the correct, proper viewing order. It also matches the order on the DVD’s. Airing order is irrelevant with older series as they were frequently aired out of order. That’s not a problem anymore these days, but both TMDB and TVDB have blatantly refused to correct this inaccuracy (among many others) because all they care about is airing order.

The ORIGINAL air order is what matters and that IS what both TVDB and TMDB use. DVD order is irrelevant. As for IMDB most of us know that’s another joke like TVDB is.