Titles sent to downloader, but not tracked in Activity/Queue

Sonarr version (
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: macOS 14.5
Debug logs: Sonarr only offers “Log Files” and “Updater Log Files”; most-recent log file is here: Sonarr — A Man and His Beans
Description of issue: Many series & episodes, when beginning a search (whether series-wide, season-wide, or individual episodes), Sonarr’ll find a file and pass it along to the downloader, but then doesn’t track or follow it in the Activity/Queue view. However, this doesn’t happen with all titles, and it doesn’t happen all the time: I just pushed through a series where Sonarr didn’t track 95% of the episodes it passed along to the downloader, but did keep/follow/retry a couple of them. It also just leaves all the failed files in the download client. I’m running the newest version of the software hoping that would help, to no avail.

Debug logs would likely be needed. If you’re not sure how to provide them, see the instructions in the post template.

This was due to the user not using categories, but the default categories in SABnzbd automatically being assigned.