Title slug in use by another series

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OS: Debian
Debug logs: “Title slug ‘tik-tak’ is in use by series ‘Tik Tak’. Check the FAQ for more information”
Description of issue: I am trying to add both the old version and a newer version of a series called Tik Tak (TV show for toddlers), however when I try to add the second series I receive the message “Title slug ‘tik-tak’ is in use by series ‘Tik Tak’. Check the FAQ for more information”. Reading other similar threads this might have to be reported to the TVDB to get it fixed but am not sure so posting here first.

Here are links to both series on the TVDB

Yes, looks like needs to be fixed on TVDB’s end:


Duplicate Names No Year

  • This error often occurs when two series are named with the same title on TheTVDB, if this is the case the second series should have the year appended to the series title.
    • Series A
    • Series A (2021)
  • To rectify this, wait for someone to eventually (maybe) update TVDb or update TVDb yourself. Once corrected and once approved by TVDb’s moderators, due to TVDb’s API issues, once updated you’ll need to wait 30+ hours before the corrected title can be used in Sonarr.

Another one… Dark Matter vs Dark Matter (2024) … cannot add … same error message.

That’s strange, I do have both series added correctly with the year in the slug for the 2024 version. So for Dark Matter they do seem to have fixed it on the TVDB.
2024-05-29 19_41_22-Sonarr - Vivaldi

Thanks for your response!

I updated the (English translation for the) title of the new Tik Tak series to “Tik Tak 2020”, I guess now, I just have to wait.