Thtvdb v3 unassigned duplicates gives "Episode does not have an absolute number" error

When a show has duplicated unassigned episodes, it gives the “Episode does not have an absolute number” error. While the episode actually does have an absolute number, it’s his duplicate that doesn’t.

An example:

I know it’s supposed to be solved on the tvdb side, but you cant remove the episodes yourself and have to ask someone with the permissions, and also I noticed that v3 episode system and interface is very confusing to people at times, so duplicates bound to happen, especially with a low audience shows like this, when no one corrected it for a couple months. It’s just too easy to make a duplicate and no easy way of fixing it.

So, I was thinking, maybe with new tvdb v3 API there’s some additional data, that’ll allow sonarr to ignore the unassigned duplicates, or distinguish between them, or at least show duplicated to bring the episode issues to an immediate attention of those interested in fixing them on the db end?

Unless the series is locked (and this one doesn’t appear to be) anyone with an account can edit the series.

I’m not seeing any dupes in that list, though I only see absolute episode numbers for the first 15 episodes.

Sadly not the case for removing the episodes. You need elevated rights for that. Before their v3 I always had no problem to just add an absolute number myself.

If the API returns it that way specifically, I’ll have to report it on their forums cause it’s definitely less info than the web interface provides.

UPD: I thought you was talking about the API, but when I opened my link, the duplicates were gone from the web interface. I guess someone deleted them in the meanwhile.
I went to the unseasoned tab and moved the rest 9 episodes to the absolute order. Would you mind telling me how much time on average is needed to update all the caches?

It’s about 24 hours now, mostly because TheTVDB has a 24 hour cache (our caching is ~2 hours on top of that).

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