theXEM vs TVDB Question

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So I read through the wiki and I think I understand how Sonarr uses theXEM to map episodes to TVDB. The series I’m having an issue with is Travel Man: 48 hours in… The TVDB mapping appears correct Sonarr shows the seasons and episodes that come from TVDB, then goes and searches the indexer for the Scene season/episode numbers.

My indexer appears to be using the season/episode numbers that match TVDB. So for example, in the link provided you can see that the TVDB value for S10E01 = Scene value for S11E01, so even though Sonarr shows S10E01, it actually searches for and grabs S11E01, then renames it to match the TVDB episode number. This appears to be working as intended so I guess my question is, is there a way to somehow force Sonarr to ignore XEM and just go by the TVDB episode numbers for this specific series instead? If not, is there already a workaround in place? (sorry in advance if this has been asked a million times before)

Submit a mapping request to exempt your group

Done, thanks!