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Hi, im trying to search some show, and name has changed.

For example, Grey’s Anatomy is now Anatomía de gays and for The Walking Dead it’s The Walking Bored …

What can i do ?

Sonarr compromised by pr0n - D1ld0 Ball Super

Wait for TheTVDB to fix the vandalism and refresh the series in Sonarr.


Anyone else got this matching issue for Grey’s Anatomy!


Mono: Mono JIT compiler version
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Description of issue: Odd ‘adult’ text replacing series title.

Wondering if anyone has seen this before. I managed to take these screen shots. Then I ran all sorts of malware/spyware in addition to the AV I already have installed and rebooted. Since then I have not been able to reproduce… Still, how concerned should I be?? Has ANYONE seen anything similar?

Tried to add a series today… Searched by TVDB ID… It yielded this search result

Search for the same series… by Series Title, … Returned the correct name …

…but, after adding both, they displayed this in the Sonarr Library


Thanks for the merge and redirect to the suggested explanation/solution.

I’m skeptical though. How confident is anyone that this is that this was vandalism against TVDB?

I found it interesting that as soon as I discovered it, I ran Temp File Cleaner [TFC] and a whole crapload of other anti-virus apps that I found on bleepingcomputer.{com|net} and then rebooted. After, I was unable to reproduce. Sure, it is possibly that while I was disinfecting my PC that TVDB was also in the process of disinfecting their systems also, but how likely is that?

After all, I sometimes encounter some pretty sketchy sites in my pursuit of quality indexers.


Given there is more than one series, more than one user affected and this has all happened before, quite confident.

Seems a lot more likely it as that than a virus replacing text on a specific web page.

Also unless that’s you as well.


Nope, wasn’t me.

So in all likelihood it was already corrected on TVDB, maybe even before I noticed the wrong name, but the fix wasn’t propagated to my system until I cleared cache and rebooted. Got it.



So, I actually keep 3 copies of the metadata. Just because of situations like this.

I wish kids would grow up already. Oh snap, i hacked a website with subpar security. BIG WHOOP. Grow some nuts, and go attack the NSA/CIA, see what happens then. Better yet, go poke someone who can poke back, and see how frightening they can be.

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