The Rookie tvdb removed

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version:
OS: Linux/Synology NAS
Debug logs: NA
Description of issue: Series The Rookie (tvdbid 350665) was removed from TheTVDB

Sonarr is reporting The Rookie has been removed from tvdb, however it still appears there if searching the website manually:

Just rescan and the error should go away. This is TVDB having issues and that show was not there when Sonarr last checked. Its back now.

Ah, so it is. Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

I raised a post specifically for this since it is not listed in their API bugs

I’m having a big problem with Doctor Who (2005) [tvdvid 78804]. It’s visible on the tvdb website, but scrapes as a blank show on Kodi, and thus doesn’t have a library entry as a result. It’s as if the show’s episodes/structure have been deleted and scraping fails…

Nothing can be done via Sonarr. Sonarr relies 100% on TVDB so when it has issues, so does Sonarr. The link i posted above is where you would want to mention your issues.

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