The Resident not being grabbed automatically

Sonarr version
Mono version 6.12.0:
AcroLinux D - Plasma Desktop:

The Resident not being grabbed automatically:

Last night Prodigal Son S02E01, The Expance S05E07, and The Resident S04E01 all aired. The Expanse was out early and Sonarr grabbed it without issue. Prodigal Son I searched for just after it finished airing and Sonarr found it with in a few seconds and I manually started a down. The Resident which was on an hour earlier than prodigal son should of been picked up by Sonarr before I even did the search for Prodigal Son, but it wasn’t. I did a manual search and that just sat there spinning. I waited awhile and did another manual search which also just sat there spinning. This morning when I saw that it has not been grabbed yet I did another manual search and as you can see in the one screen shot that are about a dozen from my settings that Sonarr should of automatically grabbed. Last night after the second search I decided to check the sites and there were more than a few that fit all the settings I have in Sonarr. Now as for Prodigal son I’m fairly certain if I had left it and not done the manual search and downloaded it it would have been automatically grabbed by Sonarr. So the question is any idea why The Resident would be a issue and not the other two shows? Thanks

Since it seems no one wants to take the time to respond to this to say they at least looked at the logs and did or didn’t find anything wrong I’ll respond. So far since this every other show has been handled properly by Sonarr. At this point The Resident seems to be a one off.