The Diplomat - Two Series with the same title

—> Sonarr can’t distinguish between two different series started in 2023 both titled The Diplomat. One is on Netflix and the other is on the Alibi network. When downloading, the files and graphics are mixed up.
I checked the spreadsheet but apparently tThis has not yet been reported.

You should check again, it’s there and it’s been added. There’s even a duplicate request.

The UK series is called The Diplomat. However, the US based series is called The Diplomat (2023). Some scenes have the US series named The Diplomat (US), but Sonarr still grabs them on my end. I’ve added both, and Sonarr grabs them both. The only issue I had was actually getting Kodi to recognize them in the library, to which I just used 2 different scrapers, even though there was another way of sorting that out.



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