The Clearing not being grabbed

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Garuda Linux:
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The Clearing not being grabbed:

I just added The Cleaning this morning and can see that there are files out there that fall within my setting in Sonarr, but none seem to be being grabbed.

sonarr does not automatically go out and search for missing stuff (thats a manual process). it relies on scanning the RSS feeds you setup (indexers) to find any missing episodes in those.

when adding a new series you will need to either tick the box to find missing episodes, or once its added click on the appropriate magnifying glass icon, either at the top of the show (to search for all missing) next to the season (if your show comes in a pack), or next to each episode, to manually search for them.

theres probably a wiki entry on this as its a fairly common question

Sonarr also doesn’t search (or even parse rss) by querying for the series name. It asks the indexer for releases of tvdb id 12345 when tvdb id is supported. Oversimplified but good enough for most of these cases.
If those releases in the screenshot are not marked by the indexer as belonging to the correct tvdb id, sonarr will never see them. Or consider them when parsing the rss feed.
Not sure if that is the case here, but it could explain why you can find releases by using the website and typing the series name in the search box, versus sonarr not finding releases.

Think you may be right cause at least TorrentGalaxy and SpeedApp have them. I have even upped the max size for a 48 minute show to 700 megs. So in a nutshell it’s most likely a TVDB issue? If that’s the case is there anything I can do from my end? Thanks


I don’t know if this is anything but when I made that post the show was suppose to air at 9 PM Tuesday night and shortly after I posted here it was switched to 2 PM Wednesday.

No, indexer issue :slight_smile:

That suggest the torrent sites themselves, correct?

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