Telegram Bot to Add New Series to Sonarr

Hi all, I created a Telegram bot to add new series to Sonarr, please read the description over at the repository on GitHub. This way you can have your friends add series to your server, without giving them access to your API Key / URL.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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Cool, I wrote also one for sonarr in bash. It can add series but just with the tvdbid and do other stuff like consult the queue, latest imports, run the rss sync, search for missing, search series info.
Yours has much more options to add series. I’ll definitely use it. :+1:

I can add additional options like rsssync, feel free to open a github issue with any additional features you would like to see.

As for know looks very good. I was at the bot api website, and I though this bot might be good using custom keyboards for replying for the options

I actually had this working on my other bot for couchpotato on the initial release but couldn’t find the best way to implement it. See here for how I had it done before.

Also, when you have an unknown amount of options for a question (e.g. Quality Profiles) it can function pretty bad. I think I will wait until Telegram updates their API to look at adding this functionality back.

I see, let me see what i can get from bash. But at the moment i’ll try to dockerize your bot to have it as a daemon

I was just going to dockerize it, someone on github already did it for the couchpotato one, it looks like I can just set it up the same way.

Looks fine, i would just put the node sonarr.js in a supervisord.conf in case it cracks down.

Maybe you can help me out there, I am unsure what you mean. I have updated the sonarr bot with docker support on GitHub.

The supervisor will launch the instance and observe the pid, if the process goes down, supervisord will relaunch the node js. Also similar to other service starter you can specify to run as another user.

The node:5.2 base image is around 190MB (i didn’t build it so i don’t know the final size).
I’ve used the alpine linux node image. Total is 80MB with supervisord. Without supervisor is just 47MB image.
I’ve also added a config volume so users can edit config.json in the host.

edit: Here’s the docker image

Thanks fo the bot
The notfication dont work and i did you wrote but no notfication sent to telegram? why ?

Look i don’t know what’s your issue, you wrote here first (i got your first post by mail) saying that you were using windows 10. This script is for bash so either you install bash for windows or use cygwin. I am not going to port this to cmd or Powershell if someone wants to do it more than welcome.

After that you changed your message to “Thanks” and now youre writing again saying it doesn’t work.

I ask you this time, what have you done so far?

Sorry i was trying to delete it but i did not find delete button

I tried to use your addons at first after download this addon i notice it have Notifications support so i said it better to use one addon then two

The good thing is i make it ran on telegram to add tv show


Sonarr can be setup to send notifications to a user or a group chat when new content is added.

In Sonarr go to Settings > Connect > + > Custom Script
In the Name field enter Telegram
In the Path field enter the full path to your node.js installation i.e. C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe
In the Arguments field enter the full path to sonarr_notify.js i.e C:\bots\telegram-sonarr-bot\sonarr_notify.js
Start the bot by running node sonarr.js
Open a new chat or group chat with the bot and type /cid
Note the Chat ID
Open config.json and enter the Chat ID next to notifyId
Restart the bot
The specified chat will now begin receiving notifications for newly added content

This addon support Notifications in Windows

I see you are annoyed and i didn’t even change the Thanks and i wrote as here to another addon .maybe by mistake i quote you but its by mistake

Not annoyed, I was confused. Ok then, good that is working

@onedr0p & @subzero79 Thank you guys both for developping and supporting this, amazing work! It looks very promising, it would be perfect to let my old folks add series through a simple Telegram conversation.

I run Sonarr on my server running Windows 10 enterprise. I am going to try to get it to work on Windows. Any tips you guys have before I start? I know there is Docker for Windows, so I’ll probably try that first.

Thanks again for your work, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Got it to work easily with Docker for Windows. Thanks you!