Tagging Release Group

I just started using Sonarr [v2] after years of using Sickbeard. I like particular release groups so for example I wanted ep 6 of Shameless S11 and had Ntb in the tag spot but Sonarr downloaded the GGEZ. I searched through other Tag posts in the forum but didn’t see this discussed. A little guidance would be appreciated.

Tags aren’t restrictions, tags link series to other things, which include restrictions via release profiles (v3) or restrictions (v2).

On that note, isn’t there an option of “preferred” word.
Like “must use” but that the word it must be included on the release.

I’m talking about having add as preferred the “test” , so when sonarr find 10 releases but one of them has the word “test” on it it will give top priority and download first that.

That will solve it. is it possible or in any future plans ?

Yea, preferred is in v3.

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ah ok, i should make the jump at some point, but i do not have the time to troubleshooting anything at the moment. And my version now just works perfectly.

Any estimation when it will be out of beta and the update will be pushed ?

if you only want things with ntg in them then create a new release profile

the images are from v3 put the options are in v2, or at least im pretty sure they are, they may look different though

add a must contain for ntg

set a tag so that only series with that tag will be limited to this release (you can name the tag whatever you want, it doesnt matter, but obvious is better)

save the profile

open the series, edit it and set the same tag name in there

save it

now it will only download shameless episodes that have ntg in the name somewhere (not necessarily just the release part)

if its always [ntg] or -ntg then you may want to use that text to ensure you dont match with the episode name (if the file has it)

remember, if there are no ntg releases then youll get nothing - which is why v3 has preferred words to prioritise what you want, not completely restrict it to that.

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thanks rhom for this, clarification. the release word should be there ? So if i want a release to be preferred from the group “MyGroup” i should put there “release-mygroup” as a tag, or just “mygroup” ?

Ok thanks for the reply you guys.

not unless you want it to be there. its just a name for the tag, it does not have to contain the words in it at all (thats what the restriction profile is for) - its just easier to remember what the tag is for if it does

while you could tag a series with say release-galaxy nothing will happen as nothing else has that tag on it (yet). its just a name, its not like media naming where there are tokens to pull out certain parts to build a new filename. you could name it porridge and it would work.

you could then go and create a restriction profile, with a must contain of galaxy and tag it with the same tag name you used on the series and that would then link the two together.

eg, i have one that rejects hevc codecs (i used to have a tv that couldnt play it) and the tag name is x264-only

both variants are perfectly fine, just use one thats easy for you.

its not a preference though, those only exist in v3, its a must contain restriction. youll end up confusing people if you call it a preference.

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