Synology pkg to docker

I moved from using the sinology package to docker (linuxserver:latest) and everything works fine except once a file is downloaded, when it goes to move it, I get a log error that it doesn’t have permission to do so. I have the drives mapped with read/write, PUID is 1026, GUID 100…not sure what else needs to happen.

“Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder”

My paths for transmission are set to write files to:


Sonarr is set with these mapped:

/media/TV Shows → /tv
/media/dowloads/completed → /media/downloads/completed

Not sure why it’s barfing…it coordinated the download just fine, it just won’t move it once it’s there. It has Read/Write to that folder.

Update – figured it out. transmission had the path as /volume1/media/downloads/completed and the container manager took out the volume1 when I linked – adding it back and all is good. Now I need to manually move the ones it missed and rescan.

You may want to optimize your sonarr mounts to just use /media so you can have file moves instead of copy operations.

could you explain this more?

There’s an entire book on it :wink:

Okay, so if I’m reading that right, it’s saying that instead of /tv, I should be using the full path of volume1/media/TV Shows so that it realizes that the same path transmission is using (volume1/media/downloads/completed) is the same volume and thus do a move not a copy.

if transmission is telling sonarr that the files are in /media/downloads/completed but then sonarr complains that /volume1 does not exist then i presume you may still have a remote path mapping (under settings > download clients) left over from when you were using the package.

if one of those does exist youll need to remove it first.

maybe. its not entirely clear what volumes your transmission container has mapped as you said it was saving to /media/downloads/completed which is not /volume1

normally if both are in docker then yes, but you map right up at the top level, and make sure both containers have the same volume mapped. ie both containers have a /media volume mapped to the same host location, eg /media → /media that way they share a common path.

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