Synocommunity is down

Synocommunity has been down for a week. Is there another way the packages can be linked for download for people that can’t use Docker?

THanks for any help!

In the same boat.
DS211+, Sonarr 20200409-16, Mono = “Failed to run the package service.”
Can’t downgrade Mono because SynoCommunity is down.
Totally dead in the water.

I fount a link for Sonarr and Mono.

Try these .spk repo’s.

Can you please provide me the link for Sonarr and Mono?

Most of those failed to load for me, and the few that did, lacked Sonarr and Mono.

Here is where I download the packages from.

They don’t seem to have many packages for apollolake architecture.

Packages are once again available in Package Center.