Switching from Giganews to Astraweb

So, gn is expensive and I want to switch. I noticed the banner above and thought I would check out Astraweb however I see the two cheapest unlimited plans “Unlimited” for $10/month and “Unlimited 3 Months” for $20/3 months?

Uhm, why would I want the former and not the latter? Gee Alex, I’ll take the same question for less money because I want less value? I emailed asking for a clarification and I was told the later is simply better value? Does anyone buy the former?

For those on Astraweb, how do you find it?


Their Unlimited accounts are limited to 10Mbps, their Unlimited DSL accounts do not have a speed cap, the cheapest you can get for that is 2 months for $15 USD, which is a good deal.

I use Astraweb for my main account (using the deal above) and for the most part I have no issues, when they get really busy speeds can suffer, but its never been a major issue for me. Typically Sunday’s are a busy day for them, I’d expect that tonight will bring some slow speeds during the peak.