Support for Radarr on Mac OS-Trying to save downloaded files to a NAS drive


I am new to Raddar and still trying to set it up. I would like to direct Raddar to a “Movies” folder that is located on my Synology NAS. I was able to map the folder path when setting it up for Sonarr and it is working fine.

For some reason, when I try to add a folder path for Raddar, it does not pop up. I can enter it manually but I get an error message (“Folder is not writable by user titomacmini.” I am not sure why I was able to do this fine for Sonarr, but not Raddar. When I click the small folder icon to browse folders to choose, I can only get to my main folder, but not the specific sub-folder I need to select. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Is there a proper way to map a folder on a Synology NAS for Raddar?

You’ll have to use go through Radarr’s support channels for support with it.