Support for multiple qualities/formats


First of all I’d like to show my appreciation for this great project. Thanks!

There’s one thing that could be found useful –

Sometimes we have multiple devices and equipment that for example; support different video types such as a monitor that supports HDR and a projector that doesn’t. One might want to watch the same video on both devices at different times or to collect the highest quality for one device but have a supporting format for playback on another. Those of us who stream media from one device to another, eg. nfs-server to kodi, might want 4k HDR release for the PC and 1080p SDR release for the TV. In this case it would be useful for Sonarr to be able manage series’ with more than one file for each video, in for example a directory structure with multiple quality profiles such as “Show.Title/2160p.HDR/S01E01.mkv” and “Show.Title/1080p.SDR/S01E01.mkv”

Just a thought :upside_down_face:

This has been asked multiple times.

No immediate plans as it requires effectively an entire rethink and rewrite of the backend, frontend, and database

There’s an existing GitHub issue for it as well

Interesting. is this the link?

Yes it is .

Current workaround is the same as Radarr for the same request. Run multiple instances with separate libraries.