Subtitles Language Parsing in v4 GUI

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With MediaInfo, it would list the first 2 or 3 subs and say 12 more or whatever how many there were.

Now, v4 is listing the language code instead of the display name and it lists them all, separated by a slash. Could we go back to displaying only a few, followed by the number of extra ones? Can we also display the full name instead of the code? The current way makes the GUI ugly when there are a lot of subs:

As a suggestion, we could have a setting where we set which subs language we care about and display those if they are available and the rest are a number of others?

For example, i want English, French and Romanian subtitles so i select those in the settings. In the episodes list, episodes with all 3 subs would say:

English, French, Romanian and 17 others.

Those with English and a bunch of others but not French and Romanian could say:

English and 22 others.

Obviously i am not using the settings to say what needs to be downloaded… just to let me know that this episode has the subs i want and this other one doesn’t. Then i can fire up StreamFab or Anystream and download a version with the subs i want directly from the streaming provider.

So it’s a no then?

No one said that, no one has had time to look into this particular issue.

This should be resolved as of

Sorry i didn’t mean anything by it but although i haven’t posted in a while, there usually is at least a reply. I saw nothing for 3 weeks so i figured nothing would be done.

Thanks for the fix. Very much appreciated.

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