Subtitles are not imported when they are in a subs folder

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: windows 10

Description of issue:
Sonarr usually grab torrents from Rarbg and they usually put the subtitles in a folder called subs with “” or “” as a file name. Is there a way for sonarr to import the subtitles or use a custom script that can move the english subtitles from the folder so that sonarr can detect it?

You’d either need a script to run before Sonarr imports the file or use a custom script to essentially import it yourself, at least until:

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Someone mentioned " nzbToMedia script" do you know anything about it and how I can use it?

It’s a script run by your download client to import things, I’ve never used it, I know others have and there are probably guides for it out there. You’ll have to do your own research on that.

if a download client like sabnzb gets the file mymovie.mkv, the logical name for the (external) subs is Why not have Sonarr import mymovie.* instead of only the mkv? Just thinking… DD

It does, if you tell it to (there is an option for that), but this is about subtitles in a subfolder with a different name.

Markus, which Sonarr version do you use and where can we find that option?
Different filenames (media vs subtitle) is indeed a puzzle. What might be a solution is that your download client puts it in a unique folder and renames both to the same file name (excl. extension) after which Sonarr puts it in its correct media folder. It’s in media management settings, also there in v2.

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