Submarine 1.1.0 - Now with a free build and awesome new features

Hey Guys!

It’s Starcarr once more. Now announcing a free version of Submarine to celebrate the milestone 1.1.0.

New Features in 1.1.0 (Check the screenshots):

An album with more images of the new features here.

Please notice that the free build of submarine will always be one mayor release before the one in the store, to motivate people to upgrade and support the project. So in this case with the release of 1.1.0, the free version is 1.0.3.

Also please take into account that Submarine has been free since the beginning. You can always download the code, build it, and install it in your device for free (including 1.1.0 or development branches).

  • You can support Submarine by purchasing 1.1.0 here
  • You can download the free version 1.0.3 here
  • You can download the code here
  • Report an issue or request a feature here