Still struggling with custom format for quality

Sonarr version
Mono version unknown:
OS Debian 5.10.209-2:

Hi, I am struggling for days now to get the custom format to download only the better quality till the set limit, but it keeps also downloading the lower versions.

With V3 of Sonarr it worked fine, but now with the update to V4, I am not getting anywhere with the settings?

youre going to need to post how you score the custom formats in the profile, and possibly the custom formats as well.

mostly though you should using the test parsing option on the custom formats page to see if sonarr is scoring them correctly in the first place - if its not then its your custom format or scoring thats wrong.

if its scoring them correctly then its probably due to you not putting those values back into the filename so when sonarr goes to compare the scores your local filename no longer scores the same as it no longer matches those formats so sonarr thinks the new download is an upgrade.

ie, when testing the format you need to test both the name from the indexer, and the filename currently on your local drive.

Hi Rhom,

thanks for the quick response!

I hopefully uploaded the error and settings?


that doesnt look like a custom format issue, it seems normal.

the file you already have is 1080p (2nd quality), what was downloaded is 720p (6th quality), its not an upgrade according to your quality list so wont be imported by default.

not sure why sonarr would have grabbed it in the first place though, not unless the indexer job name has 1080p in it but the file inside it is actually 720p, or it was grabbed first and just took longer than the 1080p version to download?

can you screenshot the episode history? that should show when it grabbed things, and why

the upgrade until custom format score being set to 10000 is practically useless though as you only negatively score the ones you do have, the max is only ever going to be 0. you may as well put it back to 0 and set the upgrade until value to the max quality you want. ie is web-1080p or bluray-1080p where you really want to stop.

Hi again,

Which episode history are you referring too?
The queue history or the history tab in the season itself?

the history tab for the episode that this file was for

ie the one in the series page after youve expanded the season and clicked on the episode.

The screenshots attached…

Thanks for looking with me, I still cannot grasp where I am thinking wrong here…
History of that episode:

without checking debug logs it shouldnt have been able to drop from WEBDL-1080p to HDTV-1080p - or for that to then constantly “upgrade” to other HDTV-1080p variants as there are no custom format scores for any of them.

while youve shown how that “any” profile is setup, is that series actually set to use it?

theres also no grabs shown in the history so not sure how you are getting the files in the first place. is sonarr actually doing the grab or do you have something else in front of it?

if you have something else doing the grabs then its up that that system to work out if its an upgrade or not - sonarr would then import it if sonarr thinks it is an upgrade, but if it isnt youll get that warning you have now about it not actually being an upgrade.

Its set for Any:

And I imported it all from the previous version of Sonarr 3?


theres no grab so that job must have still been active on your download client when you upgraded to v4 and would have to be a remnant from v3.

all of that history and database should have been converted from v3 to v4 unless you started from scratch and just imported the old root structure into a new one?

if you did that then the only way for v4 to see multiple files for the same episode is if there actually were multiple files for the same episode in those folders.

for each import entry (down arrow into a hard drive icon) in that history list mouse over the info icon on the right, that should tell you the source folder of the original file for that entry.

Hi, no multiple files are present, and I started with a fresh serie and it happens there again?

Seeing this in log:

Also seeing this in NZBGet with the new serie added in V4?!

Don’t think that should be happening, did not in V3…?

it still makes no sense, there are no grabs in the history and that list cant be filtered so they should be there if sonarr was grabbing them.

are you absolutely sure you dont have any other software running that could be selecting which files to download and sending them to nzbget?

go back to that torchwood episode and its search tab, click on interactive search and manually grab any (nzb) download that is the same quality as the last one you have.

once grabbed close the search and then reopen the history, is the grab you just did listed or not?

in the quality profile change the “upgrade until custom format score” from 10000 to 0 - it shouldnt make a difference but your system is doing weird things so it cant hurt. its the maximum value your customs formats would generate anyway.

in nzbget what category do those downloads have?

under settings > download clients what category is set in your nzbget object? if its blank set it to “sonarr”.

Hi Rhom,
I agree, it does not make sense, only thing changed is the upgrade from V3 to V4 and trying to get the CF set up…
I already set the scores to 0 as you sugested before.

Screenshots on your suggestions…:

As you can see, it shows up in the history and in NZBGet.

yes, but now theres an actual grab entry in the history - you made sonarr grab it and it recorded that in the history. as there are no other grab entries it proves that sonarr has not been grabbing anything, something else has.

warning - the changes below presume you wanted sonarr to grab new files and process them. that you do not have other software doing that part and you just wanted sonarr to import them for you.

in sonarr under settings download clients edit the nzbget object and check what the category value is set to. its probably “sonarr” but it could be anything, including empty - note this value down (and let me know what it was).

i dont use nzbget so im not sure if anything in there needs to be updated to handle a new category but take a look and see if you have anything setup to handle that category i asked you to note down above, if you do then rename it to “sonarr-v4”

in sonarr under settings > download clients edit the nzbget object, change the category to “sonarr-v4”, and save it.

those changes should mean that if something else is grabbing stuff then sonarr will ignore it. sonarr will only process the files it grabs.

if you start getting stuff piling up in nzbget that has a category other than “sonarr-v4” then you do actually have other software running that is grabbing the files so you will need to find and stop that.

Hi Rhom,
I did your suggestion.
After a few days and grabbing a fresh test series. The only one that is DL in NZBGet is the sonarr-V4. I don’t see my old “series” category showing up…

But the issue still is progressing as before…:

I am baffled…

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