SSL not working


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Server 2016
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Cannot load SSL cert. Certificate is installed correctly and works for Radarr on same box. Copied in thumbprint of SSL cert and stop and started Sonarr.

Debug shows nothing in relation to SSL, and it starts up with the default machine cert.


Going to need to see trace logs, also make sure the user running Sonarr has access to the certificate, not sure if you’ll need to use a crrt in the user’s store instead of computer’s store.


Radarr works correctly with the same settings. I manually checked the SSL hash in the config. Interestingly Sonarr.Console is running as LOCAL SERVICE while Radarr.Console is SYSTEM

I changed it to SYSTEM and it works fine - gah. Sorry I should have checked that.


I would avoid running as SYSTEM and instead get the cert into the correct store for Sonarr to use.

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