Specific series will not show new episodes

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Unsure - See About below:
OS: Unraid 6.12.4
System / Status / About:
Package Version by linuxserver.io
.NET Yes (6.0.13)
Docker Yes
Database Sqlite 3.41.2

EDIT - The docker just updated and the issue persists

I’m having a weird one. The series “Channel 5 (UK) Documentaries” (tvdb:123931) refuses to list any new episodes beyond S2023E67 - Despite there being 70 listed. 2 days ago, I noticed that someone had an episode incorrectly listed there that was also without an air date and the mods over there deleted it. I’ve never known the API to take much longer than a day to show updates and it hasn’t updated since July.

When I check the logs, there are no errors - Just an event to show that it has started the episode info refresh and then 15 seconds later that it has finished.

Oddly, Emby reflects the change correctly and has detected the correct episodes etc with a download directly from the tvdb api.

I have restarted the container, deleted the show from Sonarr and then manually re-imported - It detects the correct show each time and then only lists 67 episodes from that season again.

Other shows seem to have correctly updated with new episodes as far as I can see and other, new shows I add come down without issue.

I feel like I am going slightly insane. Would anyone have an idea where I could start looking?

Thanks in advance

This should be good now, not sure exactly what got stuck, but forcing the cache clear on our side resolved it.

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Fantastic - Thank you - I had assumed it was something I needed to do.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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